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5 Star Rating is a wonderful site, because it offers so much. Obviously, you have your standard public and private cams, both of which seem to attract a lot of people to watch them. This means that the cam performers are really going to be getting down and dirty on the camera.

This is on top of Candy Cams, which are a little bit more unique. Well, not unique. They are private cam shows. They are really fucking expensive to watch, but boy are they going to be bringing a ton to the table when you watch them. This is because the performers are going to be willing to do anything that you want them to do while you are watching them on camera. Seriously. Anything you want them to do, they are going to be more than happy to do it. It is one of my favorite things about It is the fact that people are more than happy to take your money to do the filthiest things.

Are there any downsides to Well, I think the only real downside is the fact that you are going to need to spend some money if you want to see the prettiest people, this is because they are all going to be hidden behind that crafty paywall.

However, these people deserve some cash for what they are offering, right? Throw in the fact that you will be able to enjoy people that can’t be seen anywhere else, and you have a right adventure on your hands. The layout of the site is not that brilliant either, but I doubt you are going to be caring too much about this, mostly because you are not there to look at the layout of the site. You are there to ogle the tits of the very, very fine people that are kicking about on the site.

Review Pros

  • Public and Private Cams
  • Pro Models
  • Amateur Models

Review Cons

  • Can be expensive

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