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While it doesn’t get talked about that much, MyFreeCams was the first cam site to offer free cams that you could watch. Everybody else just followed them. There are many people that will argue that because MyFreeCams was one of the originals, it is easily up there with the best. Not going to lie here; I am inclined to agree with this statement.

There are so many people on the site, and a lot of them are just going to perform without giving a shit whether you pay them for it or not. Although, of course, these people are giving you some entertainment, so you should probably give them some money on occasion if you want them to keep coming back for more and more.

Remember; just because it says ‘free’ in the name, it doesn’t mean that you should hang around the site without spending a single penny on the show. Well, you can, but you should avoid it. The tokens to tip the ladies won’t be that expensive. The site, sadly, is going to be mostly women, but that is what you are normally going to get when you browse a cam site, so I doubt you are going to be that fussed about that.

Don’t worry; there is a bit of male on male action, some lesbian cams, and some couple cams thrown in for good measure. I think the thing that I love the most about MyFreeCams is the fact that it is not over the top with advertising or improper coding. This means that the website is nice and fast when you are browsing it. It also means that you can easily browse MyFreeCams without your data allowance being sapped up...which is always nice. You don’t get that with many cam sites out there.

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  • Fantastic filter options

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  • Ugly interface

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