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When I first signed up to StripChat, I must admit that I wasn’t that thrilled with the overall look of the website. I like my websites to be bright and jazzy. The problem with StripChat is that it wasn’t nice and jazzy at all. It had a dark theme. However, it did start to grow on me over time. I think one of the major reasons why it started to grow on me was down to the fact that there were so many people live, that I would be spending the vast majority of my time looking at a good pair of tits than whatever the background to the site looked like.

What I probably loved the most about StripChat is the fact that it made it delightfully simple to browse through all the people that were on the site. I don’t know how often you browse cam porn sites, but you will probably have noticed that the vast majority of them will automatically ‘take’ images from the live cam stream and stick them on the front page.

The problem is that most of the images which have been automatically taken are never going to be that good. This means that you may be looking at something which does not accurately represent the cam show. When you are on StripChat, you get better photos which people can see. This is because the performer is allowed to choose their own image to represent them and whatever they are offering on the site.

Since the cam site gives you a 50 token bonus for signing up to the site, you will also be able to start enjoying some pretty epic shit on this website right away, which is going to be so fucking awesome. Most of the cams are public, which is good too.

Review Pros

  • Fun to play the games

Review Cons

  • Slow to work

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